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Speedy Recovery from Ritalin

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Have been abusing ritalin for 6 months. I take about 100 mgs a day on an average day orally and sometimes I will go up to 150 and snort some, like on the weekends. I am totally addicted and I want to quit. The comedown crash is harsh enough that I am scared for the detox. Do I have anything to worry about by trying it on my own? I am planning on holing up with a bunch of DVDs and some low dose Xanax for a long weekend to try to get this garbage out of my system once and for all. What started as an amusing ride/study aid has become something really sucky.

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Ok - congrats on making the decision to stop using - you're moving in the right direction - now consider this - what started out as a study aid and fun turned into getting addicted to a prescription med.

    Now your plan is to use a prescription med to get off a prescription med. I know, you're thinking it's just going to help you get off Rits and you're thinking that Xanax is a downer and unlikely to be something you'd enjoy enough to keep using.

    How about you get yourself to your doctor and have a general physical and ask for their input? How about making sure you're not at greater risk. I would expect you'd only have a few unpleasant days but your heart and mind are used to a ton of speed and your liver is wondering WTF?

    Good luck.

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