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Finding a good therapist

  • annamce Asks ...

    Read your article about Alcoholic thinking and shared it with my Dad who is an alcoholic and would like to fine the right help. He is 76 and has tried just going to AA but really had trouble finding a sponsor he could respect and trust. I am thinking a good local therapist might be very helpful to him. Is there any one that you know of in Orange County, CA?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hi there and thank you for your question. It can be tough to find a good therapist and unfortunately, I'm about 3,000 miles away from Orange County. It's my experience that the best local clinicians - especially those knowledgeable about addiction are well known by the members of Alcoholics Anonymous and (for yourself) Al Anon. I would urge you to see who they recommend as those folks tend to have strong appreciation for those of us who "get it." Please take excellent care of yourself while you seek to help your dad and if I can be otherwise helpful please email me




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