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Children of Alcoholics

  • banshee317 Asks ...

    Hi Jennifer,
    I'm not sure if this message came through, but I wanted to let you know that "Daddy's Disease" is available on ebook and "Mommy's Disease" will be published by the end of the month. Both are available on amazon.com. My webisite is www.alcoholismhurtskids.com. Thank you so much for getting back to me and for your support in getting this information out!
    carolyn hannan bell, lpc

  • Jennifer Hamilton Says ...
    Jennifer Hamilton

    I posted the link to your book on Amazon on my Facebook account. I have a large network of therapists on there so that will help spread the word. I will also recommend it to the therapists that I supervise through email as they are all children's therapists. In addition, I will let my co-workers know. I hope this helps to spread the word. Have you considered contacting men's recovery centers and making them a deal to buy mass quantities for their children when they return home? Is it meant only for the therapist to use or can parent's use it too? It would be therapeutic for the men as well to see what little Tommy is going through. It could be used as part of their therapy and then purchased as a part of their program to use at home or take the child to a therapist and use when they go home. Just a thought. Prison substance abuse program's could really benefit and there may be funds for purchase. Just another thought. Thank you for writing it. I will buy a copy for my kindle and perhaps a hard copy as well.

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