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Choosing the right drug rehab

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Are drug rehabs in Mexico and the Caribbean any good? Is there any kind of international standards association that would ensure that treatment is up to American standards in facilities abroad?

  • Jennifer Sartin Says ...
    Jennifer Sartin

    That I know of, there is no international standards association on facilities abroad.

    Even in the United States, I encourage you to research each facility thoroughly.  Not every facility is run the same and clients should be matched to facilities appropriate to their issues.  Some facilities are dual-diagnosis, meaning they treat both addiction and mental health issues.  Some treatment centers are affiliated with certain religious groups.  Many facilities treat males separately from females.

    There are numerous factors other than location to consider when looking for treatment.  As with any business, just because they are in operation in the United States, does not mean they are fit for everyone.

    Another factor to consider when seeking treatment is aftercare.  If the client chooses long-term inpatient care (thirty to ninety days), it is important to consider if he or she will benefit from some sort of aftercare.  Aftercare can range from outpatient treatment (three to four days per week for several hours), alumni meetings (similar to a twelve step meeting) once per week, etc.   Aftercare is a very important part of ones recovery.  Again, there are several factors to consider when choosing drug/alcohol treatment.

    My suggestion is to research each facility as best you can.  Another helpful tool is to ask for a referral from a reputable facility, doctor, or therapist.  Choosing the right treatment center is not an easy task but it is a very important part of the recovery process.  We want the client to have a positive first introduction into recovery.

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