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    I have been using heroin for 4 years. I have heard of a local healer who can help people quit using heroin without sickness with a herbal drug called ibogain.

    A person I used to use with did iboagin and she swears that it helped her get quit and really changed her as a person. This was 2 months ago and she is still not using and she used to go real heavy.

    I know that ibogain is illegal in the US but this worries me very little, since I spend most of each and every day buying and using an illegal drug. I have also heard that it can be dangerous, but again, can it really be more dangerous than heroin…
    The US makes ibogain illegal because it’s a herb and it won’t make the pharma companies any money but they’ll gladly pump people full of evil methadone for a lifetime.

    Is there any good reason for me to travel to Mexico to some clinic to get ibogaine at an ‘official’ clinic when I can get it for far less money right here in LA?

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    Jennifer Bovee

    I'm not all that familiar with Ibogaine. And since you have already said that it's not legal in the US I would have to wonder why you would want to spend money on going to Mexico to a clinic other than to just avoid the sickness aspect. If all you are looking to do is to avoid the sickness portion of it there are other routes available to you in the unites states that are legal and ethical.  Suboxone  is a short term solution which may reduce the sickness if you are looking to  achieve abstinence.  Good luck.


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