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Looking for Help in South Florida

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I'm sure you know what has happened in Florida. ALL Pain Managment drs are shut down. I have no intention to going back. I'm detoxing at home from Roxicodone - 30 mg. Tapered and started taking vitamins specially for this. Now my question, I still have xanax. I want off. I was prescribed Lexapro but it interfered with my Roxis. I know you're not my dr, but do you think in your personal profession it would be okay to start my lexapro again while tapering from xanax?

    I'm lucky tho, i only started taking xanax 2 months ago, (half a "bar"). Everyone in south florida looks at you like a piece of junk when you go for help. That's how bad it is down here. No one here cares that some of us are actually trying.

  • Dr. David Sack Says ...
    Dr. David Sack

    Until recently physicians in Florida prescribed 10 times as much Oxycontin and prescription pain killers than other states.  This was due to lax regulation and supervision.  The inevitable backlash may be making it difficult right now for legitimate pain clients to obtain treatment they need.

    Coming off of Xanax can be more difficult than coming off of opiates.  The intensity of withdrawal symptoms from Xanax and similar medications depends not only on the amount they were taking but also on the total amount of time they have been taking them.  Stopping Xanax or similar medicines (benzodiazepines) should only be done under close physician supervision.

    Lexapro can be helpful for anxiety and depressive symptoms that often accompany chronic pain but you need a physician who is going to monitor your response to the medications and observe for side effects.

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