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Adult Son Who Needs Treatment Without Insurance

  • sachetby Asks ...

    I'm not sure if the first request went through so I will try again, I am looking for some direction and options for my adult son which has no insurance for treatment, how can I get him state medical treatment? please advise me on helping him get into a detox/rehab he is not willing to do this himself, I need information on tangible help for him before I present it to him. thank you.. Pam

  • Anna Deeds Says ...
    Anna Deeds

    Hello Pam,

    I did receive your first question and have just answered it. Check with your state's medical assistance website. They should have more information on criteria for qualifying for state insurance. Each state's criteria is different but I believe that each state provides for alcoholism treatment due to the life threatening nature of the disease. I also wanted to give you a link for Al-Anon. Your local Al-Anon group should be familiar with resources for the uninsured in your area.

    If your son is unwilling to go to treatment, you may want to find a qualified therapist to help you plan an intervention. An intervention is when family and friends get together with the help of a therapist and present the alcoholic with how their alcoholism is affecting the family and how the family feels about the seriousness of their disease. The family usually refuses to help the alcoholic until they go to treatment. Some people believe an alcoholic has to want treatment to get better but I believe that even when someone is forced into treatment, they may want the help after the substances leave their body and their head begins to clear.

    Good luck and I hope this helps answer your questions.

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