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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is very serious, we hope that you find what you need within and once better informed, act positively towards change. Life is better without marijuana.

Marijuana Addiction EbookMarijuana today is not what it was even ten years ago, and as the drug has gotten stronger, increasing numbers are having real problems with addiction and with some of the health and cognitive deficits associated with heavy drug use.

Marijuana addiction is very real, and with a pretty serious syndrome of detox symptoms experienced after quitting, it can be tough to break free from a marijuana habit that's dragging you down.

It doesn’t help either that a lot of people still don’t take marijuana seriously, still don’t consider it addictive or harmful, and that even those people who really struggle to quit feel as though they don’t have a legitimate medical concern. Far too many people continue with marijuana for too long not knowing how to stop, not knowing where to turn for help, and ignoring the evidence that tells them that they can't do it on their own.

This book is for two groups of people. It’s for heavy marijuana smokers that have had enough and want to stop, and it's for concerned parents, legitimately worried for their experimenting teens.

Marijuana when taken in moderation has little risks to health or quality of life, and we have no desire to scaremonger, mislead or participate in the propagation of half-truth and myth about the use of the drug. Marijuana when smoked heavily, daily and in great quantities becomes a very harmful drug, and in addition to the risks of addiction, there are legitimate threats to health, to mental performance and to overall quality of life. We do want to inform of these legitimate and worrisome consequences of a heavy marijuana habit.

Within this book we strive to answer a lot of the questions we at ChooseHelp get everyday about the use and abuse of marijuana.

Questions like:

  • What is marijuana, and how is it smoked?
  • How addictive is marijuana?
  • Am I addicted to marijuana?
  • What are the symptoms of marijuana detox?
  • How can I get through detox on my own?
  • If I can’t do it on my own, what are some marijuana treatment options?
  • What are the real risks of marijuana?
  • How can I keep my teen from smoking marijuana?
  • How can I spot teen marijuana use?
  • How can I get my teen to stop using marijuana?
  • Should I be drug testing at home?
  • Is marijuana medicine?