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Living With An Addict

Don’t give up, never quit, there is always hope…but only you can make a difference, only you can make it happen. Heal your family, heal yourself. Learn how to make it better, learn what’s going to work!

Ebook: Living With An Addict

You Need to Help Them… No One Else Will!

If you watch someone you love struggle with substance abuse and addiction, know that it's up to you to get them help. Don’t wait for an addict to realize they need treatment, with denial, you could be waiting for years…and by then it could be too late. No one else is going to do anything about this, and unless you create change, it's never going to get better.

Get Informed…Get Empowered!

You need to get informed. They crave your strength and your support. A well run intervention works better than 80% of the time to get someone into treatment, and a poorly run intervention is worse than doing nothing at all. Learn what you need to do--exactly--to pressure-convince-cajole a still using addict into treatment, and follow a step by step guide to running a family intervention that's going work, going to get them into treatment and going to get them better!

Know your rights and learn theirs. They have a legal right to work leave for treatment.

Learn how to find treatment you can afford!

Learn What Treatment They Need!

Know how to diagnose the problem, and learn who can get better with outpatient care, and who truly needs inpatient treatment. Learn how to differentiate between a quality rehab and a rehab that wants little more than your money, and learn how you can tell the difference on the phone!

Keep them sober!

They want to get better, but they just don't know how. After you do get them into treatment, and after they do get sober, know that you never have to let this happen again. You can keep them off of drugs and alcohol for ever! Learn what you can do--exactly--to keep them clean and sober for as long as they live!

Learn the Truth about Addiction and Alcoholism

Sadly, most of the information available on addiction and treatment is published by those in a direct position to profit. How can you trust the owner of a rehab when she tells you to come to rehab? Who can you really trust?

No one… Trust Yourself!

Unfortunately, you just can’t trust anyone. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of honest, compassioned and dedicated professionals working in the rehab business, but unless you have a medical degree, how are you going to know who's giving it to you straight and who cares only for your admissions money?

Don’t rely on anyone else anymore. Get informed, learn your options, learn what works and what doesn’t, and make your own informed decision, a decision that's going to work!

  • Know that you can make a difference, and know that the sooner you intervene, the better the chances!
  • Understand what they're going through, understand why they can't stop without help, and learn exactly what kind of treatment they need…and know that not everyone needs expensive rehab to get better!
  • Learn how to find a quality rehab, whatever your price range, and know the telltale signs of a poor quality rehab. Don't waste your time, energy and hope…find a rehab that's going to get them better!
  • Understand that you need to participate in treatment, and that after treatment, your informed support makes all the difference. Learn how you can keep them sober!
  • Learn that what's right for one isn’t for another. Find out about rehab for people with special needs.

Addiction is a family disease…

It starts in the family, it affects the family…and ultimately, it's the family that has to step up and make things better.

Never wait for the addict or alcoholic to realize that they need help…you could be waiting for a very long time, and the sad truth is that the longer you let them continue, the harder it gets, and the less likely they are to ever recover.

Don’t wait… learn what you need to know, get involved and get them back on the road to health!

Never wait for rock bottom. Why wait for tragedy when you can get them into treatment tomorrow, and when addiction statistics prove that people compelled to get help do just as well as those that initiate treatment of their own accord.

It doesn’t matter how they get into treatment! Whether they walk in or get pushed through that door…the recovery statistics are the same!

Learn How to Protect Yourself as Well

You need to help a loved one get better, no one else is going to do it…but you need to take of yourself and your family as well.

Addiction changes people, it makes them do things they would never ordinarily do. You are no good to anyone unless you take care of yourself.

  • Learn how to live with an addict…even if they won't quit
  • Learn what to do when they get violent
  • Know what to tell children living with an addict or an alcoholic
  • Know where to find the community support you need
  • Understand what you can do, and what you can never change
  • Learn how to sleep well at night…knowing that you are doing everything possible to make things better!

You don’t deserve to be treated badly. Always protect yourself first!

Never give up hope. Millions overcome substance abuse problems every year. There is no reason why your loved one can't get better. Get educated, learn your options and look forward to the end; an end to all the pain, to all the heartache and to all worry.

Make a difference. Focus your love and concern, learn how to make a difference and look forward to a brighter future!

You can have your loved one back!

You remember them before the drink and the drugs. You remember what they were; know that you can have that person back. The things they may do while drunk or high are not who they truly are!