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Swedish Drug Troubled Billionaire On the Run from London Police

Troubled Billionaire On the Run
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Hans Kristian Rausing is worth over 10 billion, he has long battled with addiction issues and he is now on the run after jumping out of an open window as police broke down his bedroom door.

One of Britain's richest men, Hans Kristian Rausing, heir to the over 10 billion dollar Swedish Tetra-Pack fortune, is on the run from police.

Police were dispatched to the billionaire's home after witnesses described his car, an Audi Quattro, as having been driving erratically and involved in a hit and run accident. When London Police Officers arrived at Rausing's Chelsea mansion, they were granted entry by the maid, and went to the man's bedroom to question him.

Although police could hear people conversing behind the bedroom door, Rausing would not emerge or answer questions. Police eventually resorted to a battering ram to bring down the door, only to find Rausing's wife, the American born Eva Rausing, standing alone. Police suspect that Hans Rausing fled out an open window just seconds prior to their entry.

Police are on the lookout for Britain's 7th richest man, but admit that he could be at any of his many global properties.

The Rausings have had a long and troubled past with drug addiction - the couple in fact met while recovering in an American drug rehabilitation clinic. They have for years generously supported drug treatment charities, including The Mentor Foundation and Project Addiction. They have donated millions of dollars in recent years to these charities.

The Rausings were arrested in April on drugs possession charges after Eva Rausing was caught with heroin and cocaine at the American Embassy in London, and after police also discovered almost $5000 worth of drugs at their residence. The couple is on bail awaiting trial on these earlier drugs charges.

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