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Drug Trafficking

Columbian Inmates Train Pigeons to Smuggle Drugs into Prison

Police in Columbia say they’ve ‘captured’ a pigeon outside of Bucaramanga prison that had 45 grams of marijuana and cocaine paste strapped to its back.

Police say inmates and accomplices outside of the prison have used the specially trained pigeons in the past to smuggle sim cards to those behind bars, but never before have they seen a pigeon get involved in drug trafficking activities.

Police marvel at the ingenuity of the prisoners and their accomplices and at the near successful smuggling attempt. Bucaramanga police commander Jose Angel Mendoza says that the plan was foiled only by the overloading of cargo on the slight carrier, saying, "We found the bird about a block away from the prison trying to fly over with a package, but due to the excess weight it could not accomplish its mission."

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