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Toronto Police Arrest 2 Dirty Cops in Marijuana Grow-Op Bust

Toronto Police Arrest 2 Dirty Cops in Marijuana Grow-Op Bust
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Officers Kevin Bourne and Patrick Lee face drug trafficking charges in connection with a marijuana grow-op crack-down in Toronto.

Two police officers in Ontario have been charged in connection with a major marijuana grow-op bust in Toronto. They were arrested during a city-wide sweep against marijuana growers during which 63 warrants were served.

Charged were Kevin Bourne, on the force 9 years, and Patrick Lee who has served 8 years. Both are held behind bars, and police say that if they are granted bail, the pair will be suspended without pay.

The corrupt police officers are alleged to have been involved in a major drug trafficking operation that involved marijuana, steroids, ecstasy and money laundering. They are scheduled to appear in a Newmarket Toronto court today.

Toronto police Chief Bill Blair commented that, "The officers' alleged involvement is more than just a breach of their oath of duty, it's also a betrayal of their colleagues who strive to maintain the public's trust"

The drug ring is alleged to have been operation for over 2 years, and has been under formal investigation for months. The raid resulted in the seizure of 3 homes, $80 000 in cash and 8 kilograms of marijuana.

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