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Teen Charged For Giving Marijuana to 2 Year Old

Teen Charged For Giving Marijuana to 2 Year Old
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Angel Dailey, 16, awaits trial in juvenile lock-up, on felony charges of corrupting a child with drugs.

A 16 year old Ohio teen awaits trial, held in a juvenile detention facility and charged with giving a less than 2 year old toddler marijuana.

Angel Dailey, 16 and a junior at Licking Heights High School, was caught on tape holding the child and causing the child to ingest the drug.

The teen was arrested after she pawned a VHS recorder still containing a video tape of the incident. The tape was seen by employees at a Columbus area pawn shop, who altered to the police, and passed over the tape as evidence.

Angel is seen holding the girl with the help of her boyfriend, Melvin L Blevins, 18. Blevins has been arrested on unrelated federal drugs charges. The couple was looking after the young child, but were not the parents. Their relationship to the child has not been released.

Angel's father, Don Dailey, was arrested last month following DEA raids on the home which unearthed 4.2 million dollars hidden in the walls, and more than 2000 pounds of marijuana in a trailer parked in front of the house.

Angel Dailey faces charges felony charges of corrupting a child with drugs, and a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment.

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