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Mom Arrested After 4 Year Old Goes to School Drunk

Mom Arrested After 4 Year Old Goes to School Drunk
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A 34 year old Oklahoman woman spent a night behind bars after her 4 year old daughter went to school, drunk.

An Oklahoma woman sat briefly in county jail yesterday, arrested on child abuse charges after her 4 year old daughter showed up at school….drunk.

The woman, Christine Aaron, 34, spent a day in jail before making bail, and told police that although she had smelled beer on the little girl's breath, she thought her daughter had just taken a small sip, and after reprimanding her, dropped her off at the classroom. The child's teacher noticed some strange behavior, and after smelling alcohol, called the police.

The child had apparently drank a can of beer while the mother was sleeping, more than enough to get a small child drunk,

Police believe that the child has drunk alcohol in the past, and that this was not the first time her mother had left open alcohol within her reach. The girl is under the temporary custody of Child Protection Services.

Aaron had no criminal record, prior to the incident.

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