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Felony Charges For Swallowing A Joint

Felony Charges For Swallowing A Joint
© Photo by Vincent J. Brown
SYRACUSE, NY -- According to a police report, the 51 year-old George Ellmore was arrested for swallowing a marijuana cigarette in front of an approaching Syracuse police officer.

While smoking a joint in public can result in an appearance ticket, swallowing that joint when being approached by law enforcement is considered tampering with physical evidence, a felony.

According to the Syracuse police report, officer Richard Cunningham was on patrol when he saw Ellmore trying to light a hand-rolled cigarette. When the officer walked up to Ellmore he smelled marijuana. The suspect then took one more puff, opened his mouth, popped the joint and swallow it.

"When asked why he swallowed it, he said he didn't swallow anything," says Cunningham in his arrest report.

The officer then informed Ellmore that he was under arrest for tampering with physical evidence.

Ellmore reacted to that news by struggling with the arresting officers, landing him a further charge for resisting arrest.

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