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Fed Ex Delivers 200 Pounds of Marijuana to Wrong Address

Fed Ex Delivers 200 Pounds of Marijuana to Wrong Address
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A Fed Ex screw up this week led to police arresting a Baltimore man on distribution and smuggling charges, and the end of a major marijuana ring.

A sender in Pembroke Pines Florida can't be happy with Fed Ex, after the courier company mistakenly delivered his package to a house 2 doors down from its intended destination. In the package, 198 pounds of marijuana - intended for the now arrested Richard Gwatidzo of Baltimore.

The neighbor who accepted delivery (who has not been named) was expecting a shipment of medical supplies, and was not surprised to receive a Fed Ex delivery earlier this week. He was surprised by the almost 200 pound weight of the package, and his surprise turned to fear after he opened it up and knew in an instant what the package actually contained.

He called the police immediately and police collected the package of marijuana. His concerns proved well founded, after a man paid his house a visit later that might – kicking on the door and demanding his package.

Police caught up with Gwatidzo a couple of days later, as two police posed as Fed Ex drivers and delivered a "dummy" package to the suspect. Police arrested the man after he signed for the marijuana.

Police are still searching for the identity of the sender, but say they have linked Gwatidzo to almost 400 pounds of marijuana already delivered and call this a major marijuana smuggling ring,

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