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Drunk Baby Leaves Couple Behind Bars

Drunk Baby Leaves Couple Behind Bars
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An 11 month old baby found with a blood alcohol content of 0.118 has left two facing serious prison time.

Muncie Ind.

Amanda Elbert and her fiancé Edward Williams are in jail today, waiting to see what charges prosecutors will proceed with following their arrest after a concerned father brought his son into the hospital, and a surprised doctor found the baby suffering a blood alcohol content of 0.118

The baby's father picked up his son for a visitation, and after noticing unusually unresponsive behavior, brought the boy into Anderson Community Hospital for medical attention. Police were called when doctors found the baby with a blood alcohol content well above the legal limit for driving a car.

Police report that upon entering Elbert's house they saw significant evidence of alcohol consumption, and Elbert has confirmed that her fiancée and a friend had been drinking beer and whiskey. Both Elbert and Williams swear they have no idea how the baby obtained alcohol, with Elbert claiming an accidental ingestion, and Williams denying that the baby had left their premises at all abnormal.

Police say that it is very unlikely that an infant could consume that much alcohol, without coercion, and speculate the two not realizing the severity of their actions, nor the dangers they subjected the boy to.

Police say that at minimum the couple will face child neglect charges and face prison sentences of up to 8 years each, if convicted.

Elbert, in a tearful jailhouse interview, describes herself as a loving and conscientious mother. She is currently pregnant and expecting twins.

The baby is now staying with his father.

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