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Charity that Sterilizes Female Drug Addicts Coming to UK

An American charity that pays alcoholic and drug addicted women to get sterilized ($300) is heading overseas to set up operations in the UK.

Barbara Harris, the founder of North Carolina’s ‘Project Prevention’ a charity that pays women with drug or alcohol addictions to get sterilized, says she’s rewarded more than 3500 women with $300 for giving up the ability to have children.

Harris now says she’s expanding her charity to operate in the UK as well, and will pay women with addictions 200 pounds upon confirmation of medical sterilization.

Harris told reporters, “We're going to make this offer to drug addicts, social workers, law enforcement. Anyone who comes in contact with these women can refer addicts to us now we have an 0800 number here in the UK. We hope the scheme will grow as much here as it did in the US, and that people will support us financially. We need the cash to pay the addicts.”

Addictions experts in the UK have reacted with some considerable revulsion to announcements about Project Prevention’s planned expansion across the Atlantic, but Harris defends her efforts, saying that she has saved thousands of children from lives of neglect. Harris herself has adopted 5 children born to crack using mothers.

Among her UK critics, Anthony Ozimic , who works with the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children commented, saying, “It is inhuman to seek to eliminate human problems by eliminating humans themselves. Such campaigns should have no place in Britain.”

Andrew Horne, of the UK addiction charity, Addaction, summed up what he and many of his peers were feeling, saying, "There is no place for Project Prevention in the UK because their practices are morally reprehensible and irrelevant."

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