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Most Americans Don’t Want Marijuana Legalized

Most Americans do not support legalization, but most do support medical marijuana.

According to a poll commissioned by the Associated Press and CNBC, most Americans don’t want to see marijuana gain full legalization but most would want to see medical marijuana made available to those that would benefit from it.

The poll was conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs early this April. 1001 adults were randomly selected and interviewed from across the country. The margin of error is 4.3%

The Numbers

  • Across all age groups, 33% want to see marijuana legalized and 55 are against legalization. 54% of those under the age of 30 want to see it made legal.
  • Men, young people and democrats are more likely to support legalization, and women, Republicans and older adults are more often opposed to legalization
  • 60% of Americans think that medical marijuana should be available to people in need and 74% believe that marijuana is an effective medication. Support for medical marijuana was equally strong in all areas of the country.
  • 45% say that the costs of drug enforcement are too high, while 48% say that the costs are acceptable

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