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Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Michigan Bans Alcoholic Energy Drinks – New York Considers Doing Likewise

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has given retailers 30 days to get rid of their stocks of the now banned drinks, which can contain as much as 12% alcohol by volume.

In Michigan, you’ve got just under a month left to buy one of 55 now banned alcohol based energy drinks before they’re gone from store shelves for ever.

Regulators cited safety reasons for their decision, and pointed to the dangers inherent in selling a product that contains as much as 12% alcohol by volume (Four Loko) that seems targeted at young consumers.

State regulators in New York say they’d like to do likewise but that under current law they have no authority to ban an FDA approved product. State officials say they’re considering petitioning the state legislature for the powers necessary to enact a ban.

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