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Teen drug rehab reports cites important drug abuse issues for parents to deal with

The teenage years can be a challenging and confusing time. The bad news is that almost a quarter of American youngsters abuse drugs at this stage of their lives. Some get involved in a recreational manor, some experiment out of peer pressure. The good news is that it is much easier to curb addiction patterns in a young person.

The longer one waits to deal with addiction issues the harder it gets. Parents, teachers, and counselors across the nation have been dealing with teen drug addiction for years. Teen drug use is on the rise, the school year is starting soon and perhaps resources are not available to cope with the recent increase in teen drug and alcohol use.

Underage drinking will cost US taxpayers over $60 million dollars in the next year. This includes enforcement, medical costs and work loss. Oxycotin and other pain killers have been abused at a staggering rate. Some states are reporting that teens are abusing painkillers as frequently as alcohol. 37% of all high school seniors have used Marijuana in the past year. Over 60% of high school students surveyed claimed that drugs were readily available in their school. 20% of teens have reportedly abused a pharmaceutical drug. Abusing pharmaceutical drugs or "pharms" is drastically increasing, according to experts from the nationally recognized drug rehab centers Choose Help (www.choosehelp.com). They have found that when production and distribution of Oxycotin became closely monitored to prevent abuse, other drugs such as Xanax, Valium and other sedatives became much more common in the cases they are treating.

The only way to combat the recent surge in teen drug use is through education and it starts at home. Parents are urged to watch for signs of abuse. Signs include failing grades, poor attitude and lethargy. Educating the teen before the introduction to drugs occurs is crucial to avoiding the issue. Many teen drug rehab centers have excellent programs for those who may already have developed an addiction issue. A teen rehab center focuses on extended drug education while providing the youth member with a very safe environment to recover and learn about a new way of life. Many young people coming from drug rehab have trouble going back to school and avoiding drug and alcohol abuse. A teen drug rehab center provides the youth with local support groups so they can cope with everyday life and decrease the chances of relapsing.

Choose Help Addiction Treatment Centers are based in Laguna Beach, California and St Beach, Florida. Choose Help offers alcohol and drug rehab programs, prescription drug rehab, detox and treatment for substance abuse.

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