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Video Gamer Suing Game Maker for His Addiction to Lineage II

After playing 20 000 hours of the MMRPG within a 4 year period, Craig Smallwood became so addicted to the game that he could no longer function in the real world. He says the game makers should have warned him of the risks of addiction and so he’s suing, saying that the game has ruined his life.

Craig Smallwood of Hawaii says that video games have ruined his life. He says that no one told him how addictive video games could be and as a result he claims that between 2005 and 2009 he spent a whopping 20 000 hours glued to his computer screen, playing the MMRPG Lineage II, becoming so addicted to game play he was unable to function outside in the real world.

20 000 hours equals 833, 24 hour days!

He says that NCSoft, the makers of the game, should have warned him of the dangers of video game addiction and he’s suing for damages to compensate for the harms that have resulted from his gaming habit.

Although NCSoft wanted the lawsuit tossed, a judge has allowed the case to proceed on grounds of negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

According to court documents, Smallwood experiences an overwhelming compulsion to play and "He has also suffered "extreme and serious emotional distress and depression, he has been unable to function independently, he has suffered psychological trauma, he was hospitalized, and he requires treatment and therapy three times a week,"

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