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Wynn Allegedly Lures Gamblers with Prostitutes and Drugs

Wynn Allegedly Lures Gamblers with Prostitutes and Drugs
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Clark County, WA -- "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis, who is being sued by the Wynn Casino for $2 million in gambling debts, filed a countersuit claiming that Wynn deceives high rollers with the help of alcohol, prostitutes and illegal drugs.

Despite immediate counterclaims for defamation by Wynn, filed on Tuesday, Joe Francis’ star lawyer David Houston threatens that this is only the beginning and that his celebrity client and high-roller Francis was deceived by Wynn. The legal team will gather evidence from Wynn's other high rollers.

Francis suit was a response to the Wynn casino’s claims for 2 million in outstanding gambling debts. Filed in the Clark County Superior Court, WA, Francis countersuit states that Wynn and the casino’s VIP host Larry Altschul made promises to him and induced him to stay and gamble while using diversions and creating phony markers to obtain money by "false pretenses." Francis also alleges the Wynn "intentionally miscalculates markers and forges the high rollers' signatures in order to change a high rollers' win to a loss."

The Wynn Casino responded with a statement to celebrity gossip site TMZ.com, stating that Joe Francis’ claims are not only false but scurrilous beyond imagination. “He will be held accountable for those statements."

…and holding gamblers accountable is exactly what the scrupulous Steve Wynn does best.  Sounds to us like another big gamble for Francis; and, as always the odds favor the house.

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