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A Chinese Couple Sells 3 Children for Less than $10 000 Total to Pay for Gaming Addiction

A young couple in South China is accused of selling all three of their children to raise money for online gaming.

Li Lin and Li Juan, both still under the age of 21, met 4 years ago in an internet gaming shop and discovered a shared passion for online games. About a year after meeting they had a baby boy (who they left behind at home just days after birth to head back to the café for more online game play) and not long after that a baby girl.

To raise money for their addiction the couple decided to sell their second born baby girl and received $500. After that, they set out to sell their first born son and managed to get $4500 dollars for the boy.

Figuring they’d stumbled onto a good money maker, the couple conceived another baby with the intent of selling him or her after birth. The third baby was a son and he also fetched them $4500.

The young man’s mother eventually learned of their schemes and turned them into the authorities. When asked why they had sold their children, they replied, “We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.”

The couple denied knowing that baby selling was against the law.

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