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High Risk Behavior: 15% of Clubbers Use White Powder Drugs Without Knowing What They Are

A large-scale survey of readers of a clubbing magazine reveals that 15% of those polled take white powder drugs without knowing what they’re taking, and that most are already drunk or buzzed when they make that risky decision.

According to a MixMag survey of more than 15 000 respondents in the UK, America and Canada, people are willing to do some very risky things to get high, especially when they’re drunk.

  • 15% of all respondents admitted to using white powder drugs in a club without knowing what they were taking. Among respondents between the ages of 18 and 25, that percentage climbed to 19%.
  • Of those who took unknown drugs, one in three said they got the drugs from a person they did not trust.
  • 80% of those taking unknown drugs were already intoxicated at the time of ingestion.

Commenting on the results, survey leader Dr. Adam Winstock declared, "What worries me is that people's judgment is already impaired when they are taking a substance they don't know. You are much more likely to run into trouble if you mix drugs, or mix drugs with alcohol – and if you are taking a drug you don't know from someone you don't know, that is really upping the risk."

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