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Dealer Busted for Marijuana Juice?!?

Dealer Busted for Marijuana Juice?!?
© Photo Credit: Elvisripley
Innovative NYC drug dealer arrested for selling marijuana juice; a mixture of distilled marijuana resin and grain alcohol.

On Wednesday, NYC detectives arrested Anthony Briordy, 32, of Brooklyn on 22 felony counts of drug dealing. Briordy allegedly dealt out of his car, and even offered a delivery service around Manhattan, bringing drugs such as cocaine, OxyContin and ketamine, amongst others, to clients throughout the urban island.

Although he offered a smorgasbord of narcotics, he made his name on a specialty homebrew concoction that police say they’ve never seen before – liquid marijuana.

Briordy mixed up the brown and green ‘marijuana juice’ by combining distilled marijuana resin with 180 proof grain alcohol. He sold 15 – 20 ounce bottles of the solution for $120 and recommended mixing the marijuana liquid with soda. Marijuana ingested in this way apparently causes a lengthy and intense, hallucinogen heavy intoxication.

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