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UN Blames Celebrities For UK Cocaine Problems

UN Blames Celebrities For UK Cocaine Problems
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The UN, in it's annual report on drugs, blamed celebrity influence and lack of police enforcement for cocaine problems in the UK.

A gram of cocaine on London streets has never been cheaper – and the UN blames celebrity drug users for making cocaine as socially acceptable as marijuana.

The UN drug control agency's today released report also blames a lack of police enforcement towards rich and famous abusers for the propagation of use. The UN considers celebrity influence pervasive, and slams police, writing, "The authorities should ensure that celebrities who violate drug laws are made accountable."

The price of a gram of cocaine in London has fallen to an average of about 45 pounds. A gram sold for over 70 pounds a short decade ago, and Harry Shapiro, of Drugscope, reports that low-end cocaine can be had for as little as 30 pounds per gram.

The UN reports that criminal gangs are moving large quantities of the drug that originates in South America, through West African countries such as Senegal, Cape Verde and Nigeria. Britain, Spain and Italy receive the bulk of shipments.

The governmental response came through Keith Vaz, Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, who said that he would launch an inquiry into drug laws and their enforcement, saying, "We need to be tough on the use of drugs, especially by those who may be seen as role models."

Celebrity drug abuse has dominated UK tabloid headlines over the past months, with celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty and Kate Moss, all publicly battling cocaine and other drug addictions.

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