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Those Closest to Michael Jackson Say Opiate Painkillers Caused His Death

Those Closest to Michael Jackson Say Opiate Painkillers Caused His Death
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Those close to Jackson suggest that a long time addiction to Demerol and other opiate medications caused his shocking sudden death.

While the official toxicology reports could take weeks to conclusively reveal the cause of death, friends and associates of the belated king of pop say that his massive daily intake of narcotic medications almost certainly killed him.

Jackson has had a long and well publicized relationship with the potent opiate pain medication Demerol. In 1993, concert promoters sued the singer for a tour cancellation, alleging that Jackson’s Demerol use and addiction caused him to abandon the scheduled “dangerous” tour, and in 2004, police found the same medication on Jackson while arresting him on charges of child molestation.

A member of the Jackson family told TMZ.com that the singer was receiving daily injections of the drug in the time leading up to his death, administered most likely by Dr. Conrad Murray, a doctor that concert promoters had hired to accompany Jackson for an upcoming comeback tour. Reports suggest that the singer received an injection dose of Demerol shortly before suffering heart failure.

Dr. Murray was with Jackson at home when the singer suffered cardiac arrest. Dr. Murray’s resuscitation efforts did nothing for the singer, who was pronounced dead upon hospital arrival.

Police interviewed the doctor briefly at the scene and are reportedly scheduling a second more extensive interview, to learn more about his actions during the time leading up to the incident.

Jackson family lawyer, Brian Oxman, reported that LA police have confiscated “bags of evidence” from the Jackson home, looking especially for vials and syringes. Oxman said that he did not know if police had found any syringes, but said that vials of medication were everywhere.

As a part of the ongoing investigation, LA police have impounded Dr. Murray’s BMW, which was at the death site. LA Deputy Police Chief, Charlie Beck, told reporters that Dr. Murray’s car had been impounded as it could contain evidence regarding the cause of death.

While the LA Coroner would not confirm that prescription drugs caused the singer’s untimely death, those close to him were less reticent. Jackson’s close friend, new age celebrity healer Deepak Chopra, told reporters that Michael was addicted to Demerol and OxyContin, and said that “I think it (Jackson’s addiction) was responsible for his death, not just contributed.”

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