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Rocker Pete Doherty Too Drunk to Fly – Second Airplane Incident in a Month

Rocker Pete Doherty Too Drunk to Fly – Second Airplane Incident in a Month
© Photo Credit: Fabian Belcourt
Another intoxicated incident leads to another airliner refusing to fly with the troubled rock n’ roller - will Doherty need to buy a boat to get to future continental gigs?

The rock star famed for his involvement with Kate Moss and his long and very public display of drug use was denied entry to an EasyJet flight out of Valencia Spain over the weekend, after crew members decided that he and his band mates were too drunk to board the aircraft.

Doherty, the lead singer of Babyshambles, was only flying EasyJet due to an incident earlier this month on a British Airways flight that lost the singer his passenger privileges with the more substantial airline. On this earlier flight, the singer had barricaded himself in the bathroom for most of the duration of a hop from London to Switzerland, and was coaxed out of the restroom only moments before landing by flight attendants who found the star dazed and confused, and with a hypodermic needle by his side.

A spokesperson from British Airways confirmed that due to his track record, the airline “wasn’t so keen on taking him aboard.”

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