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As an Alcoholic in Recovery, Edie Falco Understands Her Addict Character on Nurse Jackie

Actress Edie Falco (ex Soprano mom) who plays the lead character in the critically acclaimed Showcase series, ‘Nurse Jackie’ says her past experience with alcoholism helps her better understand her opiate addicted and pill popping character.

Speaking on the Today Show, Falco said, "I think addiction is a very specific physiological mindset. So it certainly does help to have some background with that. Because if you explain it to a non-addict -- that you're pulled to something that's so bad for you -- it doesn't make sense. But to me, it makes perfect sense."

Explaining how her character in the show, who leads a busy O.R. while scheming for prescription medications, keeps all the lies and misdirection going, Falco states, That's addiction for you. Really some of the most wiley, resourceful individuals you'll meet."  

Falco earned Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award nominations for her role after the show’s initial season.

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