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Michael Douglas’s Son, Cameron Douglas, Arrested in Major Drug Dealing Sting

Michael Douglas’s Son, Cameron Douglas, Arrested in Major Drug Dealing Sting
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Cameron Douglas was arrested in a posh New York hotel after DEA officials found him in a major crystal meth trafficking operation.

Cameron Douglas, the 30 year old son of the actor Michael Douglas and the grandson of the legendary actor Kirk Douglas has been arrested in New York on major drug distribution charges.

The young Douglas, who has worked as a sometimes DJ and who appeared in the 2003 movie, “It Runs in the Family” with his father and grandfather, had been under federal drugs investigation for three years and had been witnessed selling multiple pounds of meth amphetamine during the course of that investigation.

The DEA finally moved in on Douglas on July 28th in Manhattan. Douglas was staying in residence in a suite at the swanky Gansevoort Hotel in the city’s meat packing district when DEA officials rushed in, finding Douglas “strung out” on drugs, and the room a colossal mess.

DEA officials made the arrest after an informant revealed that Douglas was acting as a “middleman” in the sale of about a half pound of meth amphetamine bound for New York. Federal officials caught up with the drugs on route and stormed in on Douglas for his role in the shipment. A half pound of meth amphetamine has a street value of roughly $18 000.

Federal officials allege that over the past 3 years, Douglas dealt many pounds of methamphetamine, usually shipping the drugs around the country via Fed Ex while using phony shipping names. During the course of the investigation, Douglas is recorded on video talking about the drugs, referring to meth as “pastry” or “bath salts”.

This is not Douglas’s first drugs arrest; he was arrested in 2007 and in 1999, both times on cocaine possession charges.

Douglas is currently behind bars on charges of intent to distribute more than 500 grams of crystal meth and intent to distribute more than 50 grams of ice, a very potent form of meth amphetamine.

Earlier this year, Star Magazine reported that Douglas was evicted from his $4200 a month rental home after missing rent payments. The landlord told Star magazine that Douglas left the house in bad shape and left behind drug paraphernalia.

The Douglas family has some past experience in the pains of addiction - Michael having needed residential alcohol addiction treatment in 1992; and Eric Douglas’s (Cameron’s uncle) tragic drug overdose death in 2004.

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