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Melanie Grifith

Melanie Griffith Says She’s Clean and Sober and Feeling Great!

In an interview in the Spanish magazine, Hola, Griffith said that she’s totally sober and describes her hard fought recovery as breaking free from a prison of drugs and alcohol.

Melanie Griffith says that she feels ‘free’ after finally overcoming her addiction to pills and to alcohol.

Griffith admitted that she’d been an alcoholic and drug addict ‘all her life’ and said that she first went to drug rehab at the age of 30. She checked in for a stay in rehab once again last year after getting addicted to pain killers stemming from a skiing accident from 2007.

On her sobriety, Griffith likened to it to breaking out of jail, saying, "I am an alcoholic and an addict and all my life I have fought against this and I've done it well. Now I feel free. I don't drink. I don't take pills - nothing. And it's fantastic, like getting out of prison.”

Griffith has been supported by her husband, actor Antonio Banderas, who recently told reporters that his wife had enormous courage in fighting and overcoming her addictions.

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