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Lil Wayne Going to the Big House?

Lil Wayne Going to the Big House?
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25 year old rapper, Lil Wayne has been arrested on felony drugs and weapons charges.

Hip Hop musician Lil Wayne was arrested Friday after police found a handgun and a substantial quantity of drugs on his interstate bound tour-bus

DEA officials report that during a routine checkpoint stop, canine units alerted police to the possible presence of narcotics, and a search revealed felony quantities of drugs.

In all, police unearthed 105 grams of marijuana, 41 grams of ecstasy, 1 ounce of cocaine and a loaded pistol.

The 25 year old rapper, born Dwayne Michael Carter, has been released on bail by Yuma County Sheriffs authorities, and is free to resume his tour and to leave the state. He is due to return to face preliminary charges in court on February 12th.

Lil Wayne's lawyer assures justice officials that his client is taking these charges very seriously, and will be in attendance to defend himself in Arizona, in February. He has been officially charged with possession of drugs for sale, misconduct involving weapons, possession of dangerous drugs and the possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lil Wayne, rapping about selling drugs since he was 12 - now living the dream.

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