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Amy Winehouse

Drunk and Erratic on Stage, Amy Winehouse Kicks off European Tour

20 000 fans booed the obviously very intoxicated Winehouse as she struggled to make it through the set of her European tour kickoff show in Belgrade.

It wasn’t what fans were hoping for in Belgrade after forking over more than $50 for Amy Winehouse concert tickets, but the 20 000 in attendance were granted a show of sorts – as a drunken and slurring Winehouse gave, what critics say, is the worst concert ever performed in Serbia. 

Winehouse careened through songs, staying only loosely in touch with her band mates or notions of rhythm,  swayed erratically and twice, wandered offstage for short periods.

Fans weren’t impressed and booed throughout the concert.

In response to the performance disaster, the singer’s rep announced the cancellation of the scheduled next two dates, in Turkey and Greece, and commented that, "Despite feeling sure that she wanted to fulfill these commitments, she has agreed with management that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home.”

Fans of the talented singer who has long battled drug and alcohol problems say that her relapse is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. The singer continues to struggle with her demons and had reportedly banned alcohol from her surroundings for the duration of the tour and had just graduated from a London area alcohol rehab program 2 weeks prior to the concert.

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