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The CFA Wants You to Know How Many Calories/Carbs are in Popular Brands of Beer

The CFA Wants You to Know How Many Calories/Carbs are in Popular Brands of Beer
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A free chart put out by the Consumer Federation of America tells you how many carbohydrates, and calories, and how much alcohol, is in that drink.

The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) wants to see alcohol and carbohydrate content information on all brand labels, but until that happens, they've decided to get the word out themselves with a poster chart they've produced for widespread distribution.

The chart, which they have available for free download, has the nutritional information published for most popular brands of beer and spirits, and they say that consumers need this information to make healthy living choices.

Chris Waldrop, Director of the Food Policy Institute at the Consumer Federation of America, said, "Right now, consumers really have no way of knowing the most basic information about alcoholic beverages. It's time to end the confusion so consumers can make informed and responsible purchasing and consumption decisions."

The caloric content in malt beverages can range from about 100 calories per serving in light beers, to about 240 calories per serving in flavored malt beverages. The carbs per drink can range from 3.2 grams in a light beer to 38 grams in a flavored malt beverage.

Brand – Alcohol content – Calories per serving – Carbs per serving

Bud Light 4.20%, 110, 6.6

Budweiser 5.00%, 145, 10.6

Coors Light 4.20%, 102, 5.3

Corona Extra 4.60%, 148, 14.0

Heineken 5.00%, 150, 11.5

Labatt Blue 4.70%, 127, 8.8

Mike's Hard Lemonade 4.00%, 220, 32.0

Miller Lite 4.20%, 96, 3.2

Smirnoff Ice 5.00%, 241, 38.3

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