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Reduce Cancer Incident Rates by 35% By Reducing Societal Binge Drinking.

Reduce Cancer Incident Rates by 35% By Reducing Societal Binge Drinking.
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Jim Bishop, of the Australian Cancer institute, claims that 35% of cancer cases could be eliminated by a change in public drinking behaviors.

The Australian Cancer Institute has conducted a literature review of alcohol related cancer data – and determined that starting at about 2 drinks a day; alcohol raises the risks for a host of cancers.

Alcohol consumption is very strongly associated with breast, colon, liver and digestive system cancers. 2 drinks a day raises the risks of mouth cancer by 75% and upper digestive system cancer by 40%. Four drinks per day by men causes a 64% surge in bowel cancer prevalence, and 8 drinks per day, by either gender, causes an across the board 90% increase in cancers – anywhere in the body.

The full summary data from the literature review can be read in the NSW report, "Alcohol as a Cause of Cancer."

Professor Jim Bishop, of the Australian Cancer Institute, said that more than half of those polled in a separate study were not aware of any link between alcohol consumption and cancer, and he speculated that a reduction in drinking could lead to a 35% decrease in cancer incident rates. 

The Australian Govt. is considering lowering the recommended drinking guidelines to no more than 2 drinks in a sitting.

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