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Police Arrest Same Man for DUI Twice in 3 Hours

Police Arrest Same Man for DUI Twice in 3 Hours
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Oneida County Sheriff's Deputies arrest a man for extreme drunk driving twice in a single night!

At 1.26 am Victor C. Sauerhafer Jr., of Verona NY, was stopped, tested and arrested after a trailing police officer watched him repeatedly swerve his car into the right lane of traffic. An issued breathalyzer test revealed a 0.25 BAC, which is over three times the legal limit, and more than explained his erratic driving.

He was processed and held briefly at the station and ticketed prior to his release.

Half an hour later a 911 call reported suspicious driving, and the responding police officer was surprised with a little déjà vu all over again as he pulled Sauehafer over for the second time in only hours. A second blood alcohol test at just after 4am revealed a 0.24 BAC – which is exactly 3 times the legal limit.

Sauerhafer now awaits trial at Oneida County Jail after being unable to come up with $1500 in bail.

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