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Drunk Father on Road Trip Lets 8 Year Old Son Drive Through Louisiana

Too drunk to drive, a 28 year old Mississippi man left the driving through Louisiana to his 8 year old son while he passed out, with an open container, in the passenger seat.

28 year old Billy Joe Madden of Hattiesburg, Mississippi had his family road trip to Dallas Texas cut short yesterday morning after police pulled his car over on Louisiana Interstate 12 and found Billy Joe passed out in the passenger seat and his 8 year old son in command of the vehicle at the wheel.

Police were tipped off to the child motorist by a concerned citizen who had noticed the car’s erratic driving and what appeared to be a child in the driver’s seat.

Billy Joe’s 4 year old daughter was also in the car.

Both children are now in child protection services, awaiting a relative to pick them up.

Billy Joe is now in Livingston Paris Jail, charged with 2 counts of failing to restrain a child in a vehicle, having an open container in a vehicle, 2 counts of deserting a child and one count of allowing a minor to drive.

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