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Alcohol Abuse

Canadian Soup Kitchen Removes Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers Due to Abuse

A soup kitchen in Saskatoon Canada was forced to stop offering anti bacterial hand sanitizer after they found that people were distilling the alcohol out of the gel for consumption.

A soup kitchen in Saskatoon Canada has announced that they will no longer provide alcohol based hand sanitizer gel for their clients due to abuse.

Giselle Doell, Executive Director of The Friendship Inn Soup Kitchen said that she was alarmed by the thought of people drinking the gel, and said that she made the decision to stop offering the sanitizer, saying that their organization wanted only to help, and not to harm, the clients served. She says, "at this point we are trying to source out a hand sanitizer that is not alcohol based." 

Police in Winnipeg Canada say that people will sometimes use salt to distill the alcohol out of anti bacterial gels.

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