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Alberta Bar May Face Criminal Charges in Alcohol Poisoning Death

Alberta Bar May Face Criminal Charges in Alcohol Poisoning Death
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The bar that served shooters all night to 22 year old Tammy Kobylka may face criminal charges after her death.

Tammy Kobylka, 22, of Calmar Alberta, died 5 months ago after a night of heavy drinking. Just released toxicology reports say she died of alcohol poisoning, and the RCMP say they are considering criminal charges against the bar, Skip's Tavern, that served her what proved to be the lethal alcohol.

Under Alberta law, intoxicated persons may not be served alcohol, and bars who break this public safety ordnance are liable for a fine as high as $200 000, and the loss of their liquor license.

Kobylka, who was described by her mother as a social and occasional drinker, was seen on that unfortunate night drinking shooters at Skip's Tavern. She was taken home by a friend and put to sleep on the sofa. Found the next morning by a friend that could not revive her, paramedics were called, and the young woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The deceased's mother, Lynne Kobylka, says that she believes her daughter would be alive today had the bar not served her excessive amounts of alcohol. It is rare, but not without precedent, for the RCMP to get involved in liquor law violation enforcement.

The owner of Skip's Tavern is out of the country, and could not be reached for comment.

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