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Health Officials in Australia Warn Scientologists to Stop Giving People Dangerous Advice on How to Detox off Drugs and Alcohol

A Scientology minister in Australia’s Northern Territories has been targeting drug and alcohol addicted aborigines, handing out information pamphlets that contain detoxing advice that health officials say could easily prove fatal to people with kidney disease.

A minister of Scientology in Tennant Creek Australia earned the ire of local health officials after he was caught handing out medical advice pamphlets to people in and around area addiction treatment programs.

The pamphlets call for a drug and alcohol detox using very high quantities of certain vitamins and minerals – so called ‘drug bombs’ which were developed by Scientology’s fonder, the late L. Ron Hubbard.

Health officials call the advice very dangerous, especially for anyone with kidney disease, which is common in the area, and Northern Territories (NT) Health Minister Kon Vatskalis, called the brochures, “Utterly Irresponsible.”  

Scientology’s Australian President, Vicki Dunstan, said that the person distributing the pamphlets had made a mistake, but stopped short of admitting that the medical advice contained within was in any way dangerous. In a statement, she said, "The booklet isn't something that we hand out to people in that way."

Stuart Naylor runs the Barkly Regional Alcohol and Drug Action Group and last week his staff told the man distributing the Scientology pamphlets to leave the premises. He urges area residents to understand that the detox process can be dangerous, and says, "Basically if anybody's wanting to withdraw they need to seek medical attention.”

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