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Veritas Inc. (Veritas House)

Veritas Inc. (Veritas House)
Three NYC based long term residential therapeutic communities treating substance abuse as a family problem, needing a family solution. Home for adult men and women, and women with children (231 beds in total).
  • Certified
  • Men
  • Women
  • Free/affordable
  • Three Months
  • Medicaid

A large NYC based therapeutic community addiction treatment provider. Offering long term residential treatment to men and women, and women with children. Veritas Inc believes substance abuse to a community and family disease, and so makes every effort to health the individual, through methods of community and familial inclusion and joint therapy. Programs are billed on a sliding scale based on income, and Medicaid and private health insurance are accepted.

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    68 106th Street
    New York, NY 10025
    (212) 666-1411x124

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