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Amity Foundation New Mexico

Amity Foundation New Mexico
Founded in 1969, this non-profit organization offers free drug and alcohol addiction counseling to those in need.

Amity will also assist you in finding sober living housing and residential rehab if needed. For both men and women.

Amity's experience extends beyond residential substance abuse treatment services. They also provide services to homeless men, women and children; adolescents in both youth detention centers, as well as in a residential setting and in after-school and outreach projects; people who are at-risk of HIV/AIDS, other sexually-transmitted diseases, hepatitis and other contagious illnesses; incarcerated men and women; men, women and families transitioning from residential treatment or incarceration to the greater community.

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    Amity Foundation, New Mexico

    609 Gold Ave SW
    Albuquerque, NM 87102

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