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Home Avenue Clinic, San Diego

Home Avenue Clinic, San Diego
Short-term detox, long-term detox, and methadone/Suboxone maintenance treatment are a few of the services offered at the Home Avenue Clinic in San Diego, California.

The admissions process begins with a simple phone call. In many cases, individuals can be assessed and scheduled for their first appointment in a matter of minutes. At the first appointment, patients meet with a doctor certified in medically assisted treatment and receive their first dose of methadone or Suboxone. In the following week or two, the dose is adjusted depending upon the patient's needs and comfort level.

Methadone and Suboxone have been rigorously tested and proven safe and effective in the treatment of opiate addiction. When used as prescribed under the supervision of a physician, both medications block drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms without the "high" of opiate abuse.

The Home Avenue Clinic is conveniently located in the heart of San Diego, California's second largest city. Renowned for its idyllic climate, pristine beaches, and wide array of popular attractions such as Sea World and the San Diego Zoo, San Diego is an ideal place to receive outpatient addiction treatment.

Contact Home Avenue Clinic:

3940 Home Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105

Call 877.830.7020

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