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Advertising Policy

The following guidelines have been established by Choose Help to govern the various aspects of advertising on ChooseHelp.com.

1. Material Submission

Please submit all ads and ad inquiries to [email protected]

2. General Policies

2.1 Lead Time & Deployment

  • Choose Help requires 5 business days prior to launching an ad campaign in order to review, test & deploy the campaign.
  • Choose Help requires 3 business days prior to changing existing ad campaigns.
  • Banner ads are served by Google’s DFP ad manager.

2.2 Ad Appearance & Content

  • Ads can't contain any vulgar language, derogatory statements or offensive material.
  • No overwhelming presence of phone number.
  • Ads must be easily identified as non Choose Help content.
  • Audio must be initiated by users with a distinct on/off button.
  • Ads that expand must be initiated by users.

2.3 Banner Ad Pixel Sizes

2.3.1 Desktop Ads

  • Medium Rectangle (300x250)
  • Half Page (300x600)
  • Full Banner (486x60)
  • Leaderboard (728x90)
  • Super Leaderboard (970x90)

2.3.2 Mobile Ads

  • Medium Rectangle (300x250)
  • Mobile Leaderboard (320x50)

2.4 Navigation

  • All ad clicks must open in a new browser (tab or window).
  • All ad clicks can only open one new browser (tab or window).

2.5 Ads Not Accepted

  • Drug & alcohol promotional companies or products
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Non licensed medical professionals
  • Non licensed treatment facilities
  • Please note our site hosts Google sponsored ads and links. We do not control Google's ad content.

2.6 Various Advertising Opportunities

  • Banner Ads
  • Native Ad-Boxes
  • Newsletter
  • Rehab Programs (Premier Sponsors only)
  • Phone Number (Premier Sponsors only)

2.7 Advertising & Sponsorship Indicators

  • All banner ads are framed and labelled “Advertisement".
  • All native ad-boxes are framed and labelled “From our sponsors:".
  • Are two premier sponsors are clearly showcased at the top of our Rehab Programs as well as in our About Us section.

2.8 Editorial Integrity

  • All content is written objectively & unbiasedly.
  • We do not accept paid content / advertorials.
  • For more information about who and how to write for Choose Help please visit our support portal.

3. Ad Specifications

3.1 Approved Ad Formats

  • Choose Help image hosted ads
  • Choose Help flash hosted ads
  • 3rd party ads (Google Display Network are pre-approved, all others require review)
  • HTML ads
  • Video ads (3rd party served)
  • Audio ads
  • Expandable ads

3.2 Non-Approved Ad Formats

  • Pop-up ads
  • Pop-under ads
  • Floating ads
  • Ads initiating phone calls

4. Additional Specifications

  • Choose Help reserves the right to refuse ads they deem inappropriate.
  • Choose Help reserves the right to terminate any campaign at our discretion.
  • Ads formats & specifications not listed above require Choose Help's review & approval.
  • All ads must comply with our Terms of Services & our Privacy Policy.